On average, every New Zealander will require temporary storage at least once in their lifetime, whether it be for moving house, space saving, renovating or travel. As the self-storage industry expands, there are more and more options designed to make

the process of storing your things easier and hopefully more cost effective. Everyone is familiar with self-storage units but portable storage is a reasonably new concept to many and both options come with their respective pros and cons. What option you choose will depend on your circumstances and requirements. Here’s a quick breakdown of each:

Self Storage Units

Self-storage involves a facility in which you take your contents to and from. Typically each have a “garage” type unit where you pack and store your contents. They are easily accessible, some with restricted times and some are 24 hours. Some facilities offering climate control.

Self Storage Pros:

  • Easily accessible – sometimes 24 hours

  • Options of larger units (20m3 plus)

  • Some are climate controlled – great for areas of high humidity

  • Large option of facilities - several locations to choose from

Self Storage Cons:

  • Double Handling of everything to get to storage facility

  • Usually time restricted when hiring trailers or trucks to move to facility

Portable Storage Units

Portable storage units are delivered to you for you to pack in your time and around your schedule. The unit is then collected and either moved to a new location or the unit is put into storage until it is needed again.

Portable Storage Pros:

  • Timeframe based on your schedule

  • Delivered to you, great for people who don’t have a driver’s licence or access to a vehicle

  • One load, and unload

  • Cost saving – not needing to hire trailers/trucks

  • Weatherproof, waterproof, rodent proof

  • Access to belongings while in storage

Portable Storage Cons:

  • May be unable to deliver to certain locations – e.g. tight access

  • Not temperature controlled (heated or cooled)

  • Not 24 hour access

So far as price goes, these days the prices of self storage and portable storage are reasonably on par. Some companies will charge a delivery fee for portable storage, especially if it is for immediate re-delivery or short term storage but in the grand scheme of things, the cost is minimal in relation to the service provided.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of an overview and helps you decide on what direction to take for your storage solutions. If you want to know more about portable storage, give us a call - 0800282363, we are always happy to help. You can also find out more through our website:


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