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After the excitement or relief of securing a new place to live wears off, the stress of handling the moving process can set in quickly. Packing up everything and preparing to move can be difficult, especially when you've spent several years living in the same place. Chances are you've accumulated quite a lot of stuff, and those items must somehow make it to your new home. Meanwhile, you'll need to meet other obligations, such as cleaning the property and preparing to turn it over. That's not to mention other responsibilities, such as work. What if you don't have a lot of help available? How can you ensure that you're ready to move and have a reliable way to get your things from Point A to Point B?


There's a better option than trying to coordinate the hassle of a moving company or transporting it all on your own. What about packing things away into storage Tauranga, Papamoa? At first, that might seem like even more effort, since you would need to move items from your home to a unit and then back to the new residence. With Cube It, though, that's not the case at all: with us, you'll pack once and unpack once. That's all. How? We offer a mobile service solution, dropping off storage units at your home and removing them until you need them again.

Choosing the Right Portable Storage Option in Tauranga, Papamoa

With this option, you can quickly pack away many of the items in your home and have them stored off-site until you need them again. When you move in to your new home, just call Cube It again and arrange for a return of the unit. We'll place it back on your property so you can unpack it at your leisure. It's one of the easiest and least stressful ways to move because at no time are you responsible for their transportation. So how can you choose the right option for storage Tauranga, Papamoa?

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For as little as

$4.33 per day

It all depends on what you need to move and how much. Cube It provides a variety of durable and sturdy units for rental, with sizes up to 16 cubic metres. You may choose to use a unit per room for a house, or to pack all your possessions into one. A hybrid blend of using self storage and moving things yourself can add up to a cost-effective solution.
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When you see how easy it is to save many trips over the road and all the hassle that comes with them, self storage units begin to make sense as an option. At Cube It, we take serving our customers seriously. Not only is every cube we provide built to last, but our storage facility is safe, secure, and monitored 24 hours a day as well. Learn more about the cubes we have available and how to pack them safely and effectively. To request a quote and find out what it'll take to manage your move, call us on 0800 CUBE ME.

Portable Storage Tauranga, Papamoa - Keeping your valuables secure until you need them next


Tauranga’s stress-free storage alternative for moving your belongings, we’ve got you covered from Katikati to Papamoa

Does the idea of moving house give you a headache? With so much to consider and organise while moving, we take one of the biggest tasks off of your to-do list! Here at Cubeit, we make the relocation of all of your belongings a streamlined experience, all at your own pace. No more multiple trips back and forth moving your stuff yourself, or dealing with expensive furniture companies trying to rush you! Cubeit provides secure portable storage Tauranga, Papamoa for all your belongings, to make relocating around Tauranga easier than ever. We provide the alternative to moving companies and give you the option to keep your valuables off-site until your new property is ready for them. Better yet, we do all the transporting of the units so that you have your belongings exactly when and where you need them! Our system is so easy that it’s hard to believe it’s true!

How We Work

We deliver a portable storage Tauranga, Papamoa directly to your home so that you can pack your belongings up and into it at your leisure. Once your Cube unit is all packed, give us a call for us to collect it. We then travel the Cube to its new temporary home at our secure storage facility in Tauranga, Papamoa to be kept safely off-site for the short or long term. When you want your belongings delivered again, give us a call and we’ll return the Cube to your new location. No headaches and no fuss.

Our Cubes

Our Cubes are purpose-built to house all of your household or workplace contents for when you are moving locations, going overseas for a while, or just need a place to store things until a later date. Our Cubes are ventilated, vermin-proof and bolted securely with a double lock. We have an expert team on hand who can advise on how to keep your belongings free of mould and any other unsanitary issues while packing. Our units are also weatherproof and built on a raised steel frame to prevent moisture seeping into your items.


The Storage Facility

Our Self Storage Facility in Tauranga, Papamoa boasts 24 hour CCTV monitoring to safeguard your belongings. We have on-site security and restrict access so that people can not wander in and out of our facility. Our customers have to call us to access their personal Papamoa, Tauranga storage Cube, so we know exactly who is accessing the facility at all times.


Choosing the Right Cube

Our Tauranga storage facility supplies portable cubes in three sizes to suit all your moving needs. Depending on what you need to move, and how much you need to move, our Cubes easily become a cost-effective solution to transport and store all of your gear. All of our unit hireage prices are GST inclusive and includes FREE DELIVERY* from Katikati to Papamoa. For as little as $4.33 per day, you can relax knowing your valuables are safely stored until you need them next. Relocating in Tauranga has never been so affordable and stress-free!

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Cubes for Hire

2m x 2m (8 metre squared) - $130 per month inc GST This handy little size is ideal for storing smaller items like boxes taking up precious space, or those financial records you have to hold onto for years. This option is also popular with tradies looking to store their gear at residential/development sites. Get in touch about our contractor’s rates!


3m x 2m (12 metre squared) - $160 per month inc GST This Cube fits approximately a 1-2 bedroom house worth of belongings, based on the average-sized family. This is a popular choice amongst customers wishing to keep the Cube on-site at their home while they renovate room by room, without compromising their garage or any other space on the property.

4m x 2m (16 metre squared) - $190 per month inc GST Our largest, and by far most sought after Cube. This Cube approximately fits the contents of a 2-3 bedroom home, again approximated on the average size family home.


These sizes can accommodate a huge range of items, such as seasonal sports gear or retail merchandise, temporary storage for events and festivals, home or business relocation, renovation projects, contractors on-site storage Tauranga ,Papamoa and much more!

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Cubeit makes moving a walk in the park. We offer sound advice on how to make our Cubes work best for you, and give you the space to take your time. Cubes are ideal for relocations where there are gaps in between move-in and move-out dates, cleaning or construction to be completed, or any other scenario where your personal items might be in the way and create anxiety for you. When your new location is ready for your belongings, we bring them straight back to you at your convenience.


To request a free quote and to learn more about how we can help you with your future move, call us on 0800 CUBE ME today!