Moving Tips

When it comes to packing your portable storage Cube, these few handy tips will help make the process a little more easier:

​- The heaviest, bulkiest items should be loaded first into your Cube.  These include the refrigerator, washer, dryer, couches, etc.  Fill in the spaces between the larger items with packed boxes.  This will not only increase your packing efficiency but it will also add stability and reduce the risk of the larger items sliding around.

-  Pack the heaviest boxes on the bottom with the lightest boxes being saved for the top and maximize your space by packing from floor to ceiling.  The tighter you pack the boxes, the less likely things will shift while these storage containers are being transported.

-  Think about the weight distribution of your items and try to keep the weight evenly distributed from end to end and from side to side.  If you place a heavy refrigerator in the far left corner of the Cube, place something of similar weight, like a couch, in the far right corner to help keep everything balanced.

-  Make sure you don't overload boxes making them too hard to lift.  Two person lift or use a moving trolley to move heavier/larger objects.

-  Practicing good packing techniques is an all important component in a stress-free move and it helps ensure that your items will arrive in the exact same condition as they were packed.



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Cube Packing Hints & Tips Sheet