Mobile Self Storage

When You're Ready to Take Control of Clutter, Portable Storage Makes the Difference: Why Mobile Self Storage is the Right Choice


Do you ever feel as if you simply don't have enough room in your house? Whether you're trying to make space for something new or you want to undertake some renovations soon, trying to figure out what to do with all your things can be a tough task. "De-cluttering" is easier said than done, no matter how many how-to articles tell you that it should be quick to complete. Not only do you have to decide what you should put away, but you must figure out where to store all these things, too. The garage may simply not have enough room, after all, and it might not be a viable option if you want to store old appliances. So, what can you do instead? Call Cube It, a unique mobile self storage option.

With Cube It, you can store your items on your own schedule, with no need to make rushed trips to a storage facility that take up valuable time. Because we deliver the unit directly to your home, you have easy access to the storage cube, so you can fill it as you like; we handle removal, too, and can return your unit to you at any time to a place of your choosing. What should you know about the process of working with a portable self storage provider like our team?

Preparing to Work with a Mobile Storage Provider

Sizing a portable storage unit is the first step. With three sizes available, finding one to suit your needs is easy, and the Cube It team is always happy to assist you in making the selection that will work best. After making rental arrangements, we bring your cube straight to your property and place it wherever you like (some restrictions may apply). You now have as much time as you want to pack it up; there's no rush or any obligation to have it ready for pick-up after a particular window of time. This arrangement gives you the opportunity to pack at your own pace, in accordance with how much time your busy schedule affords.

When everything is packed and secure, call us again and we'll return to collect the cube once again. It travels to our secure storage site, where you can trust that your things remain under continuous lock and key. When you want your items back, or when you move to a new home, simply let us know to request re-delivery. The process is that easy. With mobile storage, you save time, avoid stress, and can quickly free up tonnes of space in your home with little disruption to your daily life.


Connect with Cube It for Convenient Options Today

From time to time, everyone needs a little extra space. When you need room to breathe at home, consider what portable storage from Cube It can do to help alleviate your space concerns. Check out some of our helpful moving tips as you consider the benefits of our service. Want to price out a rental and need a quote? Contact us today by calling 0800 CUBE ME and find out everything you need to know. 

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