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Self Storage Containers Tauranga

Whether you are moving to a new house or apartment or trying to free up some space at your current residence, self storage is a smart solution. You can store your possessions on a temporary basis while you are in between addresses, or you can store it there permanently. However, for all the benefits of self storage, there are a few drawbacks. The biggest of these is the logistical transport side of things. Once you decide on self storage in Tauranga, you need to make arrangements to have your belongings picked up from your house or apartment and have it delivered and unloaded at the self storage centre. This process is inconvenient and adds extra expense to your moving process—especially if you are just going to end up unloading the storage unit and having its contents delivered to your new home in a few weeks.

Cube It: Self Storage with a Twist

When we devised the idea for Cube It, we had a distinct vision in mind. We wanted to offer some form of self storage or container storage in Tauranga but with a solution to the logistical issues that typically plague self storage. We understood that getting objects from point A (a house, apartment, office space or the like) to point B (a self storage centre) was often easier said than done. It’s not so tough to fit a few boxes into the backseat of your car and drive them over to the nearest self storage centre. However, when you’re needing to store a house lot with larger objects , the options are to either hire a moving van or trailer.

We wanted to remove that step from the process. What we came up with was a twist on self storage in Tauranga; one with the same basic benefits (we store your possessions) minus the biggest hassle (figuring out a way to get your stuff to the storage facility). With the Cube It model, we deliver a storage container to your property for you to fill in your time at your convenience. Once the container is full, all you need to do is give us a call and we will send a driver to collect it  And we’ll store your container at our storage facilities.

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